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While most hand-carried ultrasound system developers may take image quality as a big difficulty, the emergence of Apogee 1100 changes this situation completely. SIUI adopts the advanced imaging technology MAIT. This system, stores the raw data and amazingly improves the system image quality.


Outstanding Performance:

Apogee 1100 is a hand-carried Color Doppler imaging system which is compactly designed and with powerful performance. It has both the advantages of mobile color Doppler systems and portable systems: high resolution, powerful functions and easy to carry, which can satisfy all the doctors' need for different diagnosis purposes:

·Abdominal   ·Vascular   ·OB/GYN   ·Breast  ·Thyroid   ·Small parts   ·Neonatal   ·Cardiology

·Biopsy Needle Guide (probe dependent)

Intelligent One-Key Optimization Function:

Based on the received tissue reflection signals, Apogee 1100 optimization processing system automatically makes a series of parameter adjustments to maximize image optimization process, instead of manually adjusting related system parameters, to complete the diagnosis rapidly and accurately, which truly reflects the effectiveness of portable color Doppler ultrasound.

Raw Data Processing Technology:

The data stored in cineloop storage are in RF format, thus images are in high resolution and with least distortion. No matter in real image or cineloop operation, the data are retrieved from cineloop storage and displayed after amplitude detection, space filtering, depth gain compensation, dot elimination, DSC, B mode/Color mode combination, frame correlation and spectrum processing.

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